About the Coalition

Understand the coalition’s genesis, vision and guiding principles.

The ‘National Coalition for Natural Farming’ seeks to build a platform for accelerating the learning, practice and policy related to agroecology based farming practices in its multiple variants. The effort is to empower at least 50 million small and marginal farmers covering at least 30 million ha of agriculture land across India to practice one or the other forms of Natural Farming within 10 years. The coalition will have a special emphasis on empowering socially marginalised groups and regenerating environmentally vulnerable areas, with farmers’ collectives as the foundational basis and women farmers in leadership roles.

Formed in July 2020, the coalition was launched with a kick off meeting with over 70 organisations representing CSOs, NGOs, farmers collectives, government institutes, research organisations, women farmers cooperatives and other stakeholders. It is thus a result of wider discourse on exploring how natural farming could be established as a viable alternative to chemical farming and scaled across the country through a massive civil society engagement. 

The greater vision tying together the various stakeholders, partners and members of the coalition is the need to protect food and seed sovereignty, regenerate the ecological balance, increase biodiversity, and augment nutritional security of individuals through inclusive, sustainable and regenerative agroecological farming systems. 

The aim is to bring together already existing experiences, and set out to design, plan and conduct pilots on the ground in various agro-climatic zones for innovating and widening practice of Natural Farming and generating evidence and mass awareness of its suitability for scaling up.

Natural Farming as the direction and process of transition towards a more local, resilient and adaptive agro-ecology based farming. 

A number of alternative approaches have emerged from the local context, tradition and experiences in different parts of India. The labels are diverse and varied including Organic Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture, Natural Farming, ZBNF, Permaculture, Andhra Pradesh Community-Managed Natural Farming, Non Pesticide Managed Agriculture, Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture, Ecological Farming, Biodynamic Agriculture, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), System of Crop Intensification (SCI), Integrated Farming, etc but they are all moving towards a common base of agro-ecological principles rooted in the local context. And in all of these initiatives the economic, environmental and social justice issues are seamlessly intertwined leading to win-win solutions. 

Our Guiding Principles

The coalition is building a movement towards making the farmers and landscapes regenerative and productive. Some essential principles that guide our thinking and philosophy are :

  • Friendly to soil, life and the planet
  • Diversity – biological, approaches and frameworks
  • Progressive elimination of synthetic chemicals and GMOs
  • Engenders a diverse and inclusive people’s movement crosscutting gender, caste and community
  • Decentralised approach and friendly to people’s institutions