Uttar Pradesh


The genesis of AKRSP(I) is the inspiring vision of His Highness the Aga Khan to uplift the quality of lives of the most marginalised communities in remote rural locations of the country. In 1983, Aga Khan envisioned an expert professional agency in India which can facilitate rural communities in improving their quality of lives – […]

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CIFF is the world’s largest philanthropy that focuses specifically on improving children’s lives. CIFF works with a wide range of partners, and areas of work include maternal and child health, adolescent sexual health, nutrition, education, deworming, tackling child slavery and exploitation, increasing opportunities for girls and young women, and supporting smart ways to slow down

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People’s Science Institute (PSI) was established in 1988 as a non-profit research and development organization. Its stated mission is, “To help eradicate poverty through the empowerment of the poor and the productive, sustainable and equitable use of available human and natural resources.”Its technical and managerial support to communities and organizations that work with them; implements

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SRIJAN acts as a bridge between the external institutions and the rural poor to ensure adoption of best practices (behaviour change of farmers). As it facilitates transfer of knowledge and technology, promotes institutional financial linkages, SRIJAN believes in the power and capacity of community collectives to sustain the developmental efforts.

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