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National Coalition for Natural Farming

The National Coalition for Natural Farming is a response to the multiple crises the country is going through – farmers’ distress, climate change emergency, malnutrition, consumer health, land degradation and loss of biodiversity. The Covid19 pandemic has powerfully brought home the need to carefully nurture our relationship with Nature.

The first virtual meeting of the Coalition took place in July 2020 and saw large-scale and energetic participation from civil society partners, practitioners, donors, academics and policy-makers. There was widespread agreement on the need to “let a hundred flowers bloom”, without imposing any one conception of natural farming on members of the coalition.  

We understand Natural Farming as the direction and process of transition towards a more local, resilient and adaptive agro-ecology based farming.

The Coalition will help build necessary partnerships, including with State agencies and with farmers’ groups, to effect a smooth and effective transition towards agro-ecology. It will provide necessary knowledge and capacity enhancement inputs to its members, on a demand-driven basis :

The work of the Coalition will be carried forward through State Chapters, which will be led by state-level coalitions of partners and members in each State.

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2020-21 Annual Report

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