From our discussions with multiple stakeholders we have come to understand that Kerala has tremendous amounts of awareness in terms of agroecology based farming. Govt institutions, CSOs, NGOs, farmers associations, research institutions and others have been carrying out varied degrees of work. Thus the possibility to scale natural farming is very high, and hence the coalition is giving its’ focused energy in Kerala. 

Under the guidance of our steering committee members Mr SM Vijayanand, a small group has been formulated called The State Coalition for Agroecology. This is a multi-stakeholder group consisting of representatives from farmers associations, key CSOs, NGOs, research institutes, government agencies and individual farmers. 

The present aim is to connect more farmers to natural farming and connect them with the government agriculture department schemes that are designed for farmers practicing natural farming. We are also working towards involving the youths in the process of taking this movement forward in the state. Additionally some of the key activities being taken up by the state chapter are engaging with multiple farmers associations with natural farming, conversion of barren land to naturally farmed land and forming a traditional seed directory for the state.

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Wayanad, Kerala