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About the National Coalition for Natural Farming

The urgent need for such a shift from the Green Revolution to Natural Farming is essential in the post- Covid era, when immunity, local food self-sufficiency, food sovereignty, climate change, water stress and related risks need to be simultaneously and immediately addressed. It is imperative that there is a convergence of investment and integration of all sectors of the society to bring about this paradigmatic shift in India’s agriculture–one that is good for human health and for the health of the planet.

The Coalition consolidates already existing work on the ground and sets out to design, plan and conduct pilots on the ground in various agro-climatic zones – for innovating and widening practice of Natural Farming and generating evidence & mass awareness for its suitability for scaling.

As a team, we are passionate and dedicated to the agenda. We effectively manage our own responsibilities but are simultaneously mindful of other needs in the organisation and capable of going beyond our designated roles to lead a helping hand to others, if needed.

The Application Process

The application process comprises the following steps:

  • Screening call
  • Skills test/Assignment
  • Team interview
  • Advisors interview

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