A lot of work has been going on since decades on numerous fronts in terms of agroecology based farming. Engagement and interest has been there from not just CSOs and individuals but also from the government institutions. The current governor, Acharya Devrut Ji is inclined towards natural farming which increases the potential to scale the NF movement in Gujarat. 

As a way forward, we are currently mapping the CSO and NGO organisations that are active in the allied fields of natural farming within the different agroecological zones. To thereby understand the challenges they are facing. Accordingly, to come up with a demand driven strategy for the state and collectively find a way to converge with the government on its existing schemes, programmes and activities within Gujarat. 

Champion Farmers

Paani and Narayan Sonagara

Paani and Narayan Sonagara

Haripar Village, Kalyanpur block, Devbhumi, Dwarka Dist., Gujarat