Development Support Center (DSC) is a resource organization that provides knowledge- based support to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Corporate Houses (CSRs), Government Agencies, Community Based Organizations and other stakeholders in the field of Participatory Natural Resource Management (PNRM) and sustainable livelihoods.

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SRISTI is a developmental voluntary organization aiming to strengthen the creativity of/at/for grassroots communities, and individual innovators. It supports eco-friendly solutions to local problems being scouted, spawned and spread by the Honey Bee Network for over 33 years. It also nurtures eco-preneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity, common property resources, cultural diversity and educational innovations

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Ecological security is the foundation of sustainable and equitable development. The organisation is committed to strengthen, revive, and restore the process of ecological succession and the conservation of land, forest, and water resources in the country.

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DSS visualizes, self-sufficient and self managed villages in Orissa where each and every individual across the communities, live in peace and harmony without fear of discrimination or denied justice. Every individual to maintain a prosperous life with self-dignity and concern for community and environment at large. DSS aims at working with geographically vulnerable communities as

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The genesis of AKRSP(I) is the inspiring vision of His Highness the Aga Khan to uplift the quality of lives of the most marginalised communities in remote rural locations of the country. In 1983, Aga Khan envisioned an expert professional agency in India which can facilitate rural communities in improving their quality of lives –

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Paani and Narayan Sonagara

Narayan Sonagara shares how with his wife Paani being the backbone of his farm and family, they have been able to successfully fulfil his dream of converting their land into a natural farm. Interviewed and written by Kartik Joshi from AKRSP-I, Gujarat Haripar Village, Kalyanpur block, Devbhumi, Dwarka Dist., Gujarat My name is Narayan Sonagara.

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CIFF is the world’s largest philanthropy that focuses specifically on improving children’s lives. CIFF works with a wide range of partners, and areas of work include maternal and child health, adolescent sexual health, nutrition, education, deworming, tackling child slavery and exploitation, increasing opportunities for girls and young women, and supporting smart ways to slow down

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The Vision is to develop an appropriate framework for public investments into rainfed agriculture rooted in a paradigm of sustainable natural resource management to enhance the resilience of production systems and enable better livelihoods. The Key Objective is to affect the nature, amount and delivery of public investments for the establishment of productive and resilient

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Sajjata Sangh

Sajjata Sangh is a network of Non Government Organisations engaged in natural resource management through a participatory process in different parts of Gujarat. Sajjata Sangh as a concept evolved over a period of five years i.e. 1995-2000, under the leadership of Mr. Anil Shah, Founder of Development Support Centre (DSC).

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