WASSAN engages in the task of development and empowerment of economically backward sections in particular the scheduled castes and tribes and backward communities with reference to watershed development projects like Water Management, Crop Management, Afforestation, Pasture/Fodder Development, Rural Energy Management, Soil and Land Management and to establish, set up, conduct, aid, help or otherwise support agencies engaged in the aforesaid tasks.Further, WASSA aims to undertake, establish, equip, maintain, manage, organise, develop, promote, encourage, aid, finance, endorse, validate and sponsor any watershed development activity and business enterprise that support the overall development of rural and tribal communities, undertake, carryout and sponsor development programmes for promoting the welfare and social uplift of the poor by contributing to enhance their skills, provide techniques and guidance in the areas of agricultural practices, their product development and marketing, environmental functions such as soil and water conservation towards achieving equitable social development.