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You might create episodes based on that theme or topic for 6-12 episodes, then have a break. After a month or two, you’ll launch a new season (with another theme/topic) and repeat the process. How to Start a Podcast in 8 Chapters Plan your podcast, from listener, to problem, to unique solution. Plan initial episodes to get a feel for your topic and its longevity. Choose a format which balances quality and sustainability. Once your podcast is launched and out in the world, that’s when you’ll move on to thinking about promotion, building your listener base – and maybe even earning a crust from your show.

Audacity also lets you remove annoying hissing, humming and other background noises – perfect if you can’t guarantee the quality of your recording environment. In the end, you have to save the sound file when you have finished making the editions. Out of the File menu, choose the Export option, and then select the preferred format out of the formats like AIFF, WMA, and several others.

In the Files app, you can pull them out of there and do whatever else you want to do with them. Click the Options menu to set the bit rate and other options. Click on the selection tool, and select the split point in the clip. Listen to the audio by clicking on the play ▶️ and stop ⏹️ , or you can use the Space button as a shortcut to play and pause.

  • Use the time shift tool to move audio clips around the timeline.
  • You can edit the music you create with the software or record or import music.
  • These are just a few of a host of effects and filters available, so you really have a lot to experiment and get creative with.
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It gets the job done but you will have to work so much harder and really master that one tool. I started on Audacity and really the only thing you can do is hit record and level volume. Then be prepared for your recordings to sound like crap. You will still need a good engineer to master your final product. Nothing about compression is intuitive until you have been at it a while. I leave that to the pros you meet here on gearslutz.

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Plugin your MIDI keyboard to your computer via USB. Then go to Preferences in SoundBridge and select MIDI on the left as shown in the image below. From here you should be able to select your MIDI keyboard as the MIDI input device. Click on the inverted triangle icon to nominate the output path. Lastly, click Download All to start downloading YouTube audio. Also, you are able to convert M4A file to other formats in Converter.

The best option for learning about them is to try them yourself on test audio, or search the web for information on them. Some you may find of particular use are the Fade In and Fade Out effects, which are self-explanatory, or the Normalizer effect, which can balance the audio volume of your project. Doing it this way causes a section at the beginning of the sound file to be blank. To remove this section of blank audio, highlight it by clicking and dragging your mouse, and then press the delete key on the keyboard.

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Audacity gives you a second chance to correct the issue. While Audacity is free, it’s surprisingly functional, but it has some limitations and may not suit everyone. So, let’s discuss what makes it good recording software and where its limits lie.

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If you want to do this, make sure you select your audio interface’s output or else it won’t work. The easiest option is to select your computer’s audio output so you can hear the audio playback through your speakers as normal. Once you have your microphone or audio interface connected to your computer, open Audacity. By simply clicking on that button, the software will start to record your voice on Windows 10.

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